Best Dogs For Hiking and Camping

Before taking your dog hiking and camping, there should be a checklist you need to go through to make the experience pleasant for both of you. This checklist might save you a lot of headache later and may even save your pooch’s life.

Do you have a mountain dog or want to get one? A pup that loves the adventures of hiking and camping…. this article is for you!

best dogs for hiking

Checklist for taking dogs hiking or camping

As a rule of thumb, spend the same amount of time completing the items on this list as you would spend shopping for a new trendy dog outfit before taking your dog hiking and camping.


The first item on your list is to have your dog completely vaccinated against diseases he might get while taking your dog hiking and camping. Check if the previous vaccine is still effective, if not, have it boosted. Exercise preventive measure against tick and flea infestation also. Before taking your dog hiking and camping, get one of that flea collar or have your dog’s coat treated with preventive drops.

Dog ID

You could not miss tagging your dog with an ID when you plan on taking your dog hiking and camping. Have the name of the camping site, your mobile number, and your home address on your dog’s collar tag. This should come in handy if your dog decides to wander around without you during camping. Some camping planners will greatly offer a microchip tagging in your four-legged best friend before taking your dog hiking and camping under their care.

Be Prepared

Another stop you have to make before taking your dog hiking and camping is proper exercise. Not for you alone, but for your pet as well. Especially if this is your first time taking your dog hiking and camping, you have to get him or her in tip-top shape for all the hiking he or she has to make ahead. Use this opportunity to brush up your endurance also.

best dogs for hiking

Do your homework

Don’t take a mistake of not checking with a camping facilitator if dogs are welcome before taking your dog hiking and camping. The last thing you want to face is you going home with your dog because pets are not allowed in the site. Be responsible before taking your dog hiking and camping too. If your dog is not friendly to people or other animals, it’s best to leave it home with a caretaker instead.

First Aid Kit

If you have an emergency first aid kit, your dog must have one too. Before taking your dog hiking and camping, get an animal emergency kit from your vet ready. Even dog sun block is now available to protect your best friend from harmful UV rays. And extra leash should also come in handy all the time should you need it. Other items on your list for taking your dog hiking and camping are the following: dog bowl, protection from cold like blanket, dog food, and toy.

best dogs for hiking

Paw Patrol

While on the site, you owe it to your dog to make him as comfortable as you are for taking your dog hiking and camping with you. When you’re hiking, regularly check his or her paw in case some tiny splinter, stone, or thistle seed is stuck in it. Bring enough water not just for you, but for your pooch too. Your four-legged best friend wants a refreshing drink from time to time also.

Check his or her coat for signs of parasite infestation – you don’t want your dog to spend his or her time scratching instead of enjoying the time with you. If you keep this complete checklist before taking your dog hiking and camping, you’re sure that you’ll not only enjoy your time in the camp, but your best friend will enjoy it, too.

best dogs for hiking

Best Dogs For Hiking and Camping

Are you a Type A personality who is always on the go and you want your dog to have a similar personality and active lifestyle? There are many breeds which can match you running step for step and still be full of energy when you’re ready for a rest. Before you choose a breed, you need to decide what kind of energy it is you desire.

  1. For those who want a great partner, most of the hunting breeds and some of the hounds are good hiking companions. Hunting retrievers, pointers, and setters are bred to run long distances in the field and they’ll be happy to accompany you on your daily hike. Labradors are top notch dogs for Seeing Eye dogs partly because they have so much stamina to walk and walk. Weimaraners, Vizlas, Goldens, Griffons, and yes, even Beagles will love your jaunts and regular exercise on those long treks.
best dogs for hiking

Sight hounds like Whippets, Greyhounds, and Afghans are also good hikers and runners but be careful of taking them off leash as they can be gone in a flash. Actually it’s best to keep all companion dogs on leash if you’re anywhere close to traffic or if you have any doubts about their willingness to come when called. Sight hounds also enjoy lure chasing.

  1. Herding dogs have a work ethic and if you’re involved in outdoor work, they’re your dog. Yes, Border Collies, Australian shepherds, and Blue Heelers love to herd livestock, but they’re also happy trotting alongside your tractor on a nursery; keeping the geese off a golf course, or competing in agility, fly ball, or Frisbee. Just make sure you’re up to their level of activity before getting one because a bored herding dog does not sit and read a book it figures out activities on its own and they may not please you.
  2. Terriers like Jack Russells literally bounce up and down with energy. Enter them in activities like Fly ball to burn some of that gotta go exuberance. Train them to do tricks. Enter them in go to ground competitions where they burrow underground to find a caged rat. Terriers will work hard all day protecting you and your home, playing with your children, and then be happy to cuddle up on the couch next to you.

There are several factors in choosing a high energy dog for an active owner. Some dogs like Boxers and Pugs may seem like they’re bundles of excitement, but their flat faces make it difficult for them to breathe in enough air for any long distance activity like running. They do fine in obedience work though just don’t expect them to be triathletes.

Dogs with fragile structures like Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, or many of the toy breeds are not good candidates for rough and tumble play. Dogs with long bodies like Dachshunds and Bassets can hurt their backs jumping. Some of the larger breeds like Mastiffs, Great Danes, and Giant Schnauzers have short life spans. While these breeds may be fine when younger, by the time they’re six or seven, you’re going to have to be careful of injuring their joints. It goes without saying that any dog with hip dysplasia should not be asked to be athletic.

Hiking and Exercising with a dog, what greater joy in life is there?

The Best Dogs As Hiking Partners On Any Hiking Trail

Hiking, running or jogging is a great way to keep you and your dog fit, healthy and in shape. Not all dog breeds are good running partners. For example, a basset hound’s legs are too short for long hikes, and a Chihuahua are small dogs. Luckily, there are many active breeds of athletic dogs that have high energy levels, require daily exercise and can provide you with companionship while you go on a hike.

Border Collies Make Great Hiking Companions

The border collie is a high-energy large size dog bred to herd sheep. Its herding instinct and endless energy often land it in trouble, especially if it has no outlet for its energy. One way of using up the border collie’s physical energy is to jog with it as often as possible. The border collie’s endless supply of energy makes it a good partner for endurance and long-distance active dogs.

Dalmatians Need Plenty Of Exercise And Are Great Hiking Partners

The dalmatian’s original purpose was to run under or alongside horse-drawn carriages. This dog has a great deal of stamina and energy and makes a good physical exercise partner. The dalmatian tends to become destructive if not exercised sufficiently and proper training, so a daily hike, jog or run is necessary to keep you and your dalmatian happy, healthy and out of trouble.

best dogs for hiking

Golden Retrievers Is One Of The Most Popular Dog Breeds

With its pleasant temperament and high energy level, the adult golden retriever makes a good hiking partner. Exercise is important for keeping a golden retriever happy and out of trouble. It is important not to force exercise such as running on a golden retriever younger than two years, because its bone growth plates are still developing. Too much exercise such as running, jogging and biking can damage the growth plates, causing problems in later life.

Siberian Husky Are The Best Natural Athletes With A Lot Of Energy

The Siberian husky is a sled dog bred to run great distances on little food and rest. They have a reputation for escaping and getting into trouble if under-exercised. A daily hike with a Siberian husky can help drain some of the dog’s endless energy and may help prevent some of its more undesirable behaviors, such as digging. Siberians are bred in cold temperatures zones to pull sleds so may require extensive training before being able to run alongside you on your outdoor adventures.

Weimaraners Are Excellent Companions

The Weimaraner is a hunting dog bred in Germany to find, point and track game. It is able to hunt and run for up to six hours per day due to the high prey drive. Daily exercise is required to ensure a content Weimaraner and the perfect hiking partner. Activities such as running, biking, hiking and swimming all serve to tire out the Weimaraner and keep it happy. For the owner wishing to bond with his Weimaraner, running or jogging could be a good solution for both.

Best Dogs for Hiking

Good hiking dogs are meant to be vigorous and great companions. While you wouldn’t ask a Pomeranian to be your hiking partner in the great outdoors and hiking adventure, he very well may enjoy chasing a ball in the backyard.

Choose your dog’s body build and muscular physique in accordance with your own. If you’re a hiker that loves outdoor activities, pick the best hiking dogs with good strong legs and endurance lungs.

If you like activities that require quick movements like playing Frisbee, choose a Border collie. If you have children who like to play hide n seek, get them a terrier or Beagle who will scent them out and greet them with kisses.

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