20 Cajun Inspired Dog Names

puppies with cajun inspired names

In honor of Mardi Gras, we are sharing 20 Cajun Inspired Dog Names! How fun is that?! Colors, cities, food and music are all inspirations for these cajun names.

Often when thinking of names for your new dog, pulling on favorite places you have visited is a great starting point. Have you had a favorite vacation, or maybe a place that is special to your family heritage. These are all great ways to come up with name ideas!

dog names that are cajun inspired

Today we have come up with 20 Cajun Inspired Dog Names… take a look below!

  1. Roux – a classic Cajun ingredient and a great name for a brown or black dog.
  2. Gumbo – a popular Cajun dish that could make a unique name for your furry friend.
  3. Bayou – the French word for a slow-moving, marshy body of water that is characteristic of the Southern United States.
  4. Beignet – a sweet, powdered sugar-covered pastry that is a beloved treat in Louisiana.
  5. Mardi – short for Mardi Gras, the famous New Orleans celebration that takes place each year.
  6. Boudin – a type of sausage that is popular in Louisiana.
  7. Andouille – a type of spicy sausage that is commonly used in Cajun cooking.
  8. Cajun – a name that is inspired by the culture and cuisine of the Cajun people.
  9. Breaux – a Cajun last name that could make a unique dog name.
  10. Zydeco – a type of music that originated in Louisiana and is known for its upbeat rhythms.
  11. Lafitte – named after the pirate and privateer Jean Lafitte, who was based in Louisiana during the 19th century.
  12. Cane – inspired by the sugarcane that is grown in Louisiana.
  13. Rouge – After Baton Rouge, the capital city of Louisiana that is pronounced “bat-uhn roozh.”
  14. Tabasco – a hot sauce that is produced in Louisiana.
  15. Tasso – a spicy smoked meat that is used in Cajun cooking.
  16. EtouffĂ©e – a dish made with crawfish or shrimp that is typically served over rice.
  17. Fleur – short for fleur-de-lis, which is a symbol commonly associated with Louisiana.
  18. Crowley – a city in southwestern Louisiana that is pronounced “KROW-lee.”
  19. Charlie – after Lake Charles, a famous cajun city in Louisiana
  20. Lafayette – A town that has a strong Cajun heritage and are known for their food, music, and unique culture.
cajun inspired dog names

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